Why 'Second Room'?

So what's up with the name 'Second Room'? It actually means a few different things to me, and no, it's not just me making up some conceptual garbage after picking a random name (which I'm totally guilty of doing in the past......I'm looking at you, design school projects circa 2006......)

The first significance for me is related to DJing, something that I did professionally for just under 20 years (yes, I got paid, and no, I didn't do birthday shout outs). It's a reference to the fact that I would often go to a multi room party, and inevitably, the 'Second Room' always had better music, better DJs, and a better vibe. The main room was often for the flashy headliner, which got people through the door, but often lacked the substance you would find in the smaller room, where you got to experience DJs doing much more interesting sets. I know so many DJs who would get more excited to play the second room than the main room, because it usually gave them the opportunity to be more creative, and ultimately that is what DJing is about. Or should be, anyway.

Those rooms also felt like a place where if you were a little different, or maybe not as 'cool' as the kids in the main room, you had a place where you could belong. You were with your people. And that is an experience I want to create here.

The second significance for me is purely related to the number '2'. My birthday is 2-2-82 (yep, I'm that old), so the number 2 has always been a bit of a lucky number for me. So naturally I wanted to incorporate it into this venture. 

I feel like there is so much more to share regarding what I am doing and why, and I am genuinely looking forward to the journey.