Well, here we go. Am I actually starting a blog in 2018? I guess I am. Seems nuts, but also feels like a step in the right direction. So why am I doing this? Well, I’ve just quit my corporate job (4 weeks ago and counting), and I have fully committed to trying to build something for myself, that can move my life back onto the path I’ve always wanted to be on. And maybe I jumped too soon, who knows; only time will tell. I don’t have much of a plan, but I’m working really hard on getting the plan together. The jump from the 9-5 office job felt so necessary for me, as I was finding myself getting deeper and deeper into a depression, that I hardly noticed creeping in. It’s funny how that happens. For the last 3 or 4 years, I’ve been sitting in a cubicle, praying that I would be laid off, and given that I worked in the Calgary Oil & Gas industry, that seemed quite possible. However, it never happened (damn my skills and diligence as an employee). But eventually realized that I couldn’t sit around and wait for the universe to make a decision for me; if I wanted to change course in my life, I was the one who needed to take the reins and change direction. So here I am. Welcome to my journey.