Style Inspiration: Beth Jones

In the first post of our Style Inspiration series, I had to share the genius that is Beth Jones, of BJones Style. Beth is an absolute master at mixing vintage, thrift, and contemporary styles, and her YouTube channel and Instagram are an endless source of inspiration. Beth blends different styles together in a way that is almost magical, and I love how much fun she has with fashion and style. She posts weekly videos on her YouTube channel (which I always look forward to), and one of my favourite series is "What I Wore", in which she shares a week worth of outfits. One of the things I like the best about this series is how you can watch her build an outfit, which I find much more interesting than only seeing the final look, as you get a glimpse of the thought process behind it. Take a look at her most recent "What I Wore" from December below, and then subscribe to her channel (B. Jones Style); you won't be disappointed! 

I am also completely obsessed with Beth's Instagram account (@bjonesstyle), and I've put together a few of my favourite looks from her below. Beth has also started the hashtag #alwaysplaydressup, which is definitely worth a follow, and I think sums up her attitude around style. It's so refreshing and exciting to see someone who truly loves fashion and style, but also doesn't take it too seriously. She is the definition of stylish, and is my favourite fashion blogger, hands down. I can't wait to see what she will be up to in 2019.