Midsize Style

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Instagram these days, which I’m not sure is a good thing, but sometimes really great things can come out of social media, and I believe I have found one of those things; Midsize Style. I stumbled across the hashtag #midsizestyle, and immediately felt like I had found something I had been looking for my whole adult life. I’ve loved fashion since I was a child, but have really struggled with body image and confidence (as unfortunately many of us do), and I always felt like my body type wasn’t really represented in the fashion community. It does feel like in the last few years, there has been more attention to different body types, and plus size bodies (which is awesome!), but in a weird way I felt somewhat left out, as I’m not quite plus size, but I’m larger than “small”, so I wasn’t sure where I fit in, and who/what I could look to for fashion inspiration.

But now I have to look no further! #Midsizestyle is full of fashionable women who are just like me, and it’s felt so great to be able to connect with them. I’m not sure there’s a specific definition for ‘Midsize’, but it looks to me like it encompasses those who typically wear a size 12/14/16, or an XL in your typical store. I fluctuate a bit, but right now I’m probably a 14, and often that means that I actually don’t fit into the largest sizes at typical stores. There’s a number of size and fit related issues that I’ve always struggled with, such as being large chested (and cursed with a love of button up shirts, dammit), and just having a bit of a tummy, and also having larger than average calves, so pants tend to bunch up around them. And often these issues have made me shy away from styles I actually want to wear, and I find myself just saying ‘well I’ll just stick with stretchy pants and this oversize sweater’, so it’s been really refreshing to see so many other women who look like me, and are still wearing what they like, and expressing their personal style.

I’m betting that just about everyone has some kind of body issue to deal with when they shop, so I’m certainly not claiming I’m unique. But I really just wanted to share this #midsizestyle community with you, as it’s definitely made me feel more positive about myself, and has inspired me to have fun with fashion again. So check out the hashtag on Instagram, and let me know what you think!